Shep Gordon’s Memories of Harry

Shep Gordon and Harry Nilsson

The Supermensch himself, talent manager extraordinaire and backstage pass bequeather, Mr. Shep Gordon shares an early memory of Harry.

I was 25 years old and in London for the first time. I was there trying to get Alice Cooper well known. I went to the record company and was taken into Derek Taylor’s oval sunken large office. As I looked around the room there was George Harrison in long white flowing linens fresh back from India, George Melly (an English alcoholic jazz artist who, it was obvious, was idolized by all in the room), and Harry Nilsson in the middle of it all pouring drinks for everyone. Lots of laughs, lots of drinking. The party went on for DAYS. For many years after i was lucky enough to stay friendly with Harry. The common element of all our meetings was having a meal and drink or two. Drunken lunches at ST JAMES club on sunset were the norm … always a lively conversation. I always left Harry thinking how lucky I was to spend time with him. A truly great American artist.