On This Day – May 22, 1968

On this day in 1968, Harry Nilsson’s performance of “1941” on the Woody Woodbury Show is aired.

Harry Skidoos

Skidoo, the infamous psychedelic Otto Preminger film starring a veritable who’s who of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars also featured a young Harry Nilsson, and playing Fred the professor was Harry’s co-star, Austin Pendleton. Here, Austin shares his memories of Harry with us …

I wasn’t in scenes with Harry in Skidoo, but he was a beacon of light on the set of that movie, and then in Miami when we were at the premiere. We had long talks — he told me about his life, and connecting with his biological father again. I remember how moved and excited he was by that, down there in Florida.

I don’t think I ever saw him again after the Skidoo set and its premiere. And I always looked forward, after that, to seeing him again.

On This Day – May 14, 1968

On this day in 1968, Tony Richland (of “Mr. Richland’s Favourite Song”) calls Harry to let him know that during a press conference to launch Apple, John Lennon named Nilsson as the Beatles favourite American artist.

Nuts For Harry

Harry Nilsson holding a Brazilian flag

Been looking for a copy of this Brazilian pressing for quite some time. It wasn’t that they couldn’t be found but rather every copy I encountered had been loving embellished with scribbles or “improved” with additional imagery courtesy of the previous owner or owners.

Brazilian pressing of Harry Nilsson's Coconut and Jump Into The Fire

Not entirely sure why this particular sleeve seemed to invite such attention. Perhaps it’s the relatively large amount of whitespace around the main image, perhaps there’s just something about coconuts that drives people a little … nuts?