Mark Hudson’s Memories Of Harry

mark hudson and harry nilsson

Mark Hudson, long time pal and collaborator of Harry Nilsson, has accomplished what many thought might never happen. He’s managed to deliver unto us the first album of new Nilsson material in nearly 40 years. In celebration of Harry and of the upcoming release of “Losst And Founnd”, Mark shared just one of his many memories of Harry with us. Thank you for the story Mark and for bringing us more Harry.

So we were in my studio and we were writing songs. Harry said he needed a break to have a smoke which I told him not to but he wouldn’t listen. So he’s sitting there with my brother Brett and I figured since I had time I would put on a record I was working on and sing a vocal. So I get the track up, put on headphones and start singing. Harry was talking and smoking away I could hear him talking and laughing through my headphones which meant it was going on tape. I stopped the machine, turned and said to Harry …” Jesus Harry, cant you see that I’m singing the lead vocal?” He took a big drag from his cigarette, looked at me and said … ” consider it background vocals” That was soooo Nilsson. Funny though… I kept it and when you hear the song ”Give it Back” on my solo album you hear Harry talking through the entire song and I credited him as background vocals.