Remember Jean Genie

This pressing has been on my radar for some time now and while the record itself would turn up occasionally, I was interested in acquiring both the record, the original sleeve and the original RCA “insert”.

This proved far more challenging but recently the opportunity presented itself. After lengthy negotiations, the item finally arrived and when it did, it came with another pamphlet I’d not encountered before. What a bonus!

This RCA promo features David Bowie’s Jean Genie on one side and Nilsson’s Remember on the other. Beyond this all I knew was that the 1/25 represented the date of release (not that there were only 25 pressings made as some have assumed). Curious as to what the rest said, I asked a former colleague to help out with translations (my thanks again Don). These can be found on the record’s page.

A curious point is that the pamphlet is dated 1973 but the events described all took place in 1972 as far as I can tell (and according to Alan Shipton’s book). Perhaps this “bulletin” was less news and more an ode to “Remember”.