Chris Spedding’s Memories of Harry

Guitarist extraordinaire Chris Spedding has played with some of the best, is known for his incredible studio work and has been the member of a number of bands (including a personal favourite, Nucleus) but he was also one of the key components of a Harry Nilsson classic, Son of Schmilsson. I asked Chris if he wouldn’t mind sharing his memories of working with Harry, and happily he obliged.

I just got a call in the usual way from David Katz, a session contractor, or “fixer”. And, as is also usual, I didn’t know who the artist was til I got to the studio.

My memory of working with Harry Nilsson is at odds with all those stories of “lost weekends”, etc. I remember a musician who was very focused, intensely concentrated and who wanted to get the music just right. He wasn’t dictatorial or obsessive, instead he was easy going but very conscious of what he wanted. It was challenging work for us, but very rewarding.

I’m sure he could get loose when he was relaxing, but at work in the studio he was the complete professional and a very talented musician.